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Just thought I'd make a little intro post. *waves* I obviously love VM and I blame my mom for it. *lol* She watched it first on syndication up here in Canada and I remember my very first thought of it... I was walking through the living room to the kitchen and I glanced at the tv to see what she was watching. All I saw was that bluey-blue effect for flashbacks and Lilly's dead body. My first thought? "New CSI? Ew..." I thought the body was a crime investigation and the lights and stuff made me think it was in a club... o_O I sat and watched the next ep the following week and fell in love with it after I knew what it was about. *lol* I only missed a few eps of season 1, so after I went back and rewatched it all.

I also got my boyfriend into loving it too. :D I think he looks a bit like Logan, well not all the time, but sometimes when his hair is cut a certain way. But yeah, he doesn't think he does. *lol* I have a good pic where he looks like him, I'll have to post it with a comparison shot. :P

Anyways, hope to stick around here and can't wait for the new season! Sadly I can't watch the ep on MSN cuz I live in Canada so they won't let me... T_T
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